DIY Electrical Projects To Complete During Quarantine

It has been several months since the coronavirus has wrecked the lives of millions of people. Now, all activities have been shut off, businesses are done online, and all people are indoors doing their studies and work.  

We all know how boring it can get to be in the house for several months. Having nothing to do is worse than being busy in the office or in school. This is why we would teach you how to be a little bit productive inside the house. 

Have you thought of the electrical appliances at home, and thought of the wires and cables? Certainly, you have heard professionals and even people saying that it is advised that you let the Jacksonville electricians and other professional companies do the job, but the thing is, there are simple things relating to electrical works that you can safely do at home.  

Check Safety First  

Please take note that although what we share here is relatively easy compared to other electrical works, understand that ALL electrical projects and works are dangerous.  Keep safe by using the right tools and proper gear when doing repair, adjustments, and maintenance.  

Shut off the power – before you try to adjust or repair something, the very thing you need to do first is to shut if the power to ensure that you will not be electrocuted when doing some repairs. You can do this by locating the main electrical panel and flip the main circuit breakers and turn it off. To ensure that there is no power at all, you can plug an appliance and see if it works out.  

Be careful When it is flowing electricity – when you want to do a DIY project that requires drilling screws or hammering, it is important that you know the location of the underlying cables as when you do accidentally make contact with the electrical component, you can be electric shocked. Again, to know if there is electricity still, simply plug in an appliance and see if it works.  

Be attentive to details – you need to put extra care in order to be safe. Always check if the appliances have been disconnected from the plug itself before shutting off the power and doing the repair or adjustments. When you pull out, always pull the plug and never the cord as pulling the cord can cause wire breakage, which is a fire hazard. You also need to be careful and watchful of wherever you go as you might stumble on frayed wire or you might place some cords underneath the carpet, which can overheat and might cause a fire. In addition, you need to avoid overloading our outlet as well as using too many extension wires as they will also cause short circuits and fire. Make sure that you use a power strip that has a circuit breaker function.  

There are many things you need to take into consideration when doing some DIY projects relating to electricity works including the need to prevent water and other liquids when doing the repair, sprucing up the switches, and more to ensure safety, hire a professional for all of these.